Collaboration between Monopoly Live and Drumpfs

monopoly live
drumpfs nft

We are thrilled to announce an upcoming collaboration between the popular online game Monopoly Live and the viral team of NFT developers Drumpfs.

For the first time ever, Monopoly Live and Drumpfs are joining forces to release a special series of NFTs featuring Mr. Monopoly, the iconic mascot of the Monopoly game franchise. These exclusive NFTs will blend the familiarity of the Monopoly brand with the uniqueness of Drumpfs style collectibles.

The NFT drop is planned on spring’24 and will include animated and illustrated renditions of Mr. Monopoly in various humorous and political settings. The supply will be limited, making these hot commodities for fans of both franchises.

Mark your calendars and tune into our social channels for launch date announcements and other details as they become available. This is one NFT drop you won’t want to miss!

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