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Ready to test your luck, but don’t know where to start with Monopoly Live? This comprehensive post will equip you with the knowledge you need to make the most out of this fan favourite. Let’s dive into the world of Monopoly Live and explore how to play the game, understand its segments and statistics, and uncover winning strategies that can maximize your chances of success.

Understanding Monopoly Live Gameplay

Monopoly Live takes the fun of your favourite Monopoly board game and mixes it with the excitement of live casino action. Even if you’re new to the game, you’ll find it simple and thrilling to play.

Getting Started

2 ROLLS and 4 ROLLS or even take a Chance

All you need to do is place your bets on where you think the wheel will land. Your options aren’t just limited to numbers like 1, 2, 5, or 10. You can also bet on “2 ROLLS“, “4 ROLLS” or even take a Chance! Once the presenter sets the wheel in motion, a correct guess will mean you’ve struck gold.

Maximizing Your Winnings

But there’s more to the game than just betting on numbers. The payout is where the real excitement lies. Fancy a safe bet? Then, number 1 is your go-to for a 1x return. Feeling more adventurous? Try the number 10 for a bigger 10x reward.

And don’t forget about those unique Monopoly bonuses like “2 ROLLS” and “4 ROLLS“. These aren’t just fun twists; they’re your tickets to bonus games, offering you more chances to multiply your winnings and add to the excitement.

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Bonus Game in Monopoly Live

How the Bonus Game Works?

When the wheel stops on either the “2 ROLLS” or “4 ROLLS” segments, you unlock the bonus game—a vivid rendition of the Monopoly board we all know and love. This is where Mr. Monopoly steps in, ready to take you on a digital journey around the board. The number of rolls you get corresponds with the segment you landed on: either 2 rolls or 4 rolls of the dice.

During this mini-adventure, you can expect to collect various prizes based on where Mr. Monopoly lands. These can range from multipliers to cash prizes. The bonus game is a pot of gold for any player, offering the opportunity for significantly larger wins compared to standard spins.

Betting on the Bonus Game

If you’re angling to make it to the bonus game, you may want to focus your bets on the “2 ROLLS” and “4 ROLLS” segments. These bets act as your ticket into this additional gameplay. However, it’s crucial to allocate your bets wisely. Betting solely on the bonus game could burn through your bankroll quickly if the wheel is not in your favour.

What to Expect?

As you accompany Mr. Monopoly through the Monopoly board, you can win various rewards like a random cash prize, multipliers, and even properties. It’s a whirlwind of potential benefits, which makes it an exciting component of Monopoly Live.

Mr. Monopoly Function

Mr. Monopoly is more than just a mascot. During the bonus games, he comes to life to guide you through a virtual Monopoly board. The outcomes of your dice rolls dictate his steps on the board, leading you to potential big wins, multipliers, or even additional rolls. Don’t underestimate his role; he adds an interactive layer to the game that provides both entertainment and valuable winning opportunities.

Understanding the Money Wheel

Imagine a colourful spinning wheel with 54 segments, each holding a promise of riches and entertainment. In Live Monopoly, this wheel is your path to excitement and potential profits, and understanding it is key to maximize your enjoyment.

Special Segments for Big Wins

dice in Monopoly Game
  • 2 Rolls Segment: 3 segments on the wheel, each one is a ticket to a thrilling bonus game where dice are thrown twice. This is where the classic Monopoly game comes alive!
  • 4 Rolls: Look out for this rare segment; there’s only one on the wheel. It triggers the bonus round and presents 4 exciting dice rolls. It’s the golden ticket to the most rewarding profits and absolute entertainment.
  • Chance: Keep your eyes peeled for 2 of these segments. They can shower you with instant cash prizes or multiply your win by up to 10 times!

With these 6 special segments, you have approximately a 1 in 9 chance of hitting something extraordinary. It’s this sprinkle of excitement that keeps the game fresh and invigorating!

Numeric Segments for Steady Rewards

  • Numbers 1, 2, 5, and 10: These are the bread and butter of the wheel, and you’ll find yourself landing on them frequently. They don’t just return your bet; they multiply it by the number you land on. Hit a 5, and your bet’s multiplied by 5 – simple and rewarding!

This blend of numeric segments for consistent play and special segments for exciting bonuses creates a game that’s both entertaining and filled with strategic potential.

Top Monopoly Live Strategies

Playing just for fun is great, but using a strategy takes your experience to the next level. A strategic approach adds exciting dimensions without curbing enjoyment. Let’s explore why it pays to plan your plays.

In Monopoly Live, different segments of the wheel have different RTPs. Your strategy should focus on making your money last and aiming for the bonus, all depending on your personal style. Here’s a breakdown of various strategies based on risk levels

Lowest Risk Strategy (For the Cautious Player)

This approach aims to stretch your money for as long as possible.

  • 1.50 on “2 rolls”
  • 1.50 on “4 rolls”
  • 1 on the 10 segment
  • 1 on the 5 section
  • 5 on the 1 segment

Low-Risk Strategy (For the Patient Player)

This strategy maintains a high hit rate, and your money can last a long time, but you might need a bonus game to profit.

  • 2.00 on “2 rolls”
  • 2.00 on “4 rolls”
  • 3.00 on the 1 section
  • 3.00 on the 2 section

Medium Risk Strategy (For the Balanced Player)

You have a reasonable chance of making money, especially if you have a decent bankroll.

  • 3.00 on “2 rolls”
  • 2.00 on “4 rolls”
  • 2.00 on the 5 segment
  • 3.00 on the 2 section

Medium to High-Risk Strategy (For the Adventurous Player)

If you’re willing to take bigger risks for bigger rewards, this strategy might be for you.

  • 3.00 on “2 rolls”
  • 3.00 on “4 rolls”
  • 1.00 on the 10 segment
  • 3.00 on the 2 segment

Winning Tips and Cautions

monopoly live offers a thrilling blend of strategy and chance

Monopoly Live offers a thrilling blend of strategy and chance, but knowing a few key insights can transform your game. Here’s a look at some winning tips:

Betting Smart with 2 Rolls

The 2 Rolls segment pops up quite often and triggers the bonus game. Think of this bet as a safety net for your initial wager. If you hit a losing streak, consider increasing your bet on this sector, just like you would in the Martingale system. Nail a win, and you’ll recover your losses and can return to your original bet. But be warned: this strategy comes with the same risks as the Martingale approach. You could hit the game limit or run out of funds during a prolonged losing streak.

Bonus Game Betting: Read Carefully

When it comes to placing higher bets on the 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls segments, exercise caution. It’s easy to get caught in the trap of upping your wager to recover previous losses, but this tactic can spiral out of control quickly. Keep a cool head and remember, every round is a fresh start.

Don’t Be Fooled by Past Results

You’ll notice a section on the screen showing the outcomes of previous rounds. While it’s tempting to search for a pattern, don’t let it guide your strategy. Each spin is independent and random, so past results won’t give you an edge.

Play Responsibly

Like all casino games, Monopoly Live requires a dose of responsible gambling. Set a budget and stick to it, and never chase losses. Enjoy the game within your means, and you’ll have a more satisfying experience.

Capitalize on Casino Bonuses

Boosting your initial bankroll with casino bonuses is a wise move. But don’t dive in without checking the fine print. Review the bonus rules, including eligible games and wagering requirements. Not all casinos count bets on live games towards these requirements, so do your homework to avoid surprises.

A note from the Editor

As a lifelong Monopoly fan, I was eager to try my hand at Monopoly Live. But I quickly realized that diving in without a strategy would be a recipe for disaster. Through trial and error over multiple gameplay sessions, I learned how critical it is to have a thoughtful betting approach.

At first, I would randomly spread my bets around the wheel, hoping to get lucky. But my bankroll evaporated rapidly, leaving me frustrated. It was time to get strategic. I started analysing the wheel’s segments, their payouts, and frequency of hits. The numbers 1 and 5 came up most often, offering smaller but consistent payouts. Landing on the “2 Rolls” or “4 Rolls” segments was rarer but provided access to the lucrative bonus game.

Armed with this knowledge, I devised a balanced strategy catered to my moderate risk tolerance. I placed slightly higher bets on the 1, 5, and “2 Rolls” segments to take advantage of their hit frequency and payout potential. While I avoided the temptation to bet big on the bonus segments, I kept a small wager there for a shot at entering the bonus game.

Sticking to this approach, I found myself lasting longer and winning more consistently. The key was developing an intuitive feel for the wheel’s mechanics rather than blindly hoping for a windfall. By tuning my strategy over time, I’ve managed to maximize my enjoyment of Monopoly Live!


Can I play without a strategy?

Yes, you can play Monopoly Live without a strategy for pure entertainment. However, employing a strategy may enhance the gameplay experience and potentially increase your chances of winning.

How can I choose the best strategy for me?

The best strategy aligns with your playing style, risk tolerance, and budget. Understanding the RTP and various risk levels (low, medium, high) can guide you to a strategy that complements your personal preferences and goals.

Is there any way to predict the outcome of a spin?

No, each spin in Monopoly Live is random, and previous outcomes do not influence future spins. While some may seek patterns in past results, this information doesn’t hold any bearing on your strategy.

Can I utilize casino bonuses while playing?

Some casinos offer bonuses that can boost your initial bankroll. However, it’s crucial to review the specific bonus rules, as not all casinos count bets on live games toward wagering requirements or may have other restrictions.

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